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Thank You for another fun, successful season!  Everyone will be invited back to play in 2019 with an email in March 2019.  Any open tee times will become available on Friday-March 29, 2019 at 9:00 AM.


The Zigfield Troy Summer Junior Golf League gives boys and girls ages 8-14 the opportunity to play 9 holes once a week at the same time with other junior golfers.  There are two leagues: One on Wednesdays and one on Saturdays with both leagues playing eight weeks.  An event is planned for every day such as U.S. Open, Survivor, Three Blind Mice and Goofy Golf, with prizes awarded.  Everyone has a 50 percent chance of winning a prize.  Also, a lunch is served at The Finale.  The cost is TBD per child and includes greens fees, prizes and the cookout.


◊ For Boys and Girls ages 8 – 14.

◊ Play golf for 8 weeks on: Wednesdays or Saturdays.

◊ Play the same tee time every week:
Wednesdays 11:20 am – 1:20 pm.  Dates TBA, usually the first week of June.
Saturdays 8:30 – 9:30 am.   Dates TBA, usually the first Saturday of June.

◊ Play 9 holes on our Par 3 golf course.

◊ An event is scheduled for every day, such as U.S. Open, Survivor, Three Blind Mice and Goofy Golf.

◊ Prizes are awarded for each event.  Everyone has a 50% chance of winning a prize.

◊ A lunch is served at The Finale.

◊ Parents are welcome to accompany their children.

◊ Cost TBD per child. Includes greens fees, prizes and the cookout.

◊There will be no refunds for missed rounds of golf.  A substitute may play, but is not eligible for prizes.

◊ Rain Checks will be issued if the course is deemed unplayable by the Golf Course Staff.  Rain Check issued if you miss because of School the first week of play.


REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: Below each tee time select “Register.” Then, enter your information and click on the “Tickets” pull-down menu to select the quantity of golfers you want to register.

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