A Set of Custom-Fit Clubs Can Help Straighten Out Your Game

Golf can be a frustrating game, whether you play every day or only occasionally. But many golfers don’t realize that a major root cause of their swing problems may be golf clubs that don’t quite fit their physique. Clubs which are too long or too short, have the wrong lie or loft, are heavier or lighter than your swing profile calls for – or even have the wrong size grip for your hands – can lead you to compensate and ingrain swing faults. In other words, that slice may be (at least partly) the club’s fault!

Mark Arentsen can help evaluate your swing and recommend clubs that are custom-fitted precisely for the way you play. (And this professional fitting service is FREE when you purchase your new clubs from Zigfield Troy Golf.*)  And now, with the aid of FlightScope radar technology, Zigfield Troy Golf can better fit you for new clubs and even recommend your set make-up.

“It’s important to see a player’s ball flight when evaluating club options,” Mark notes. “In a store or even with a simulator, you can’t follow the trajectory and curve of the ball. That’s why having our range right outside the Pro Shop door is so important. As the golfer hits shots, there’s a lot of give and take, back and forth discussion. What are your goals for game improvement? Do you have any particular physical limitations? Measurements such as wrist height above the ground are just a starting point for proper clubfitting.”

At Zigfield Troy Golf, Mark and the Pro Shop staff have a wide array of top line equipment for you to choose from – Ping, Titleist, Callaway and Tour Edge, just to mention a few. Their Demo Carts feature an assortment of sample drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges from each manufacturer so you can “try before you buy.” (And no need to cover the clubhead with masking tape so you can’t see what you’re swinging.)

We are also the re-gripping specialists, using Golf Pride and Winn brand grips. If you’ve never been professionally fitted for the right golf clubs, you won’t believe the difference!

Call (630) 985-9860 now for your custom-fitting appointment or stop by the Pro Shop today for the latest technology equipment, golf balls, gloves, training aids, and name brand clothing.

* If you prefer to purchase your clubs elsewhere, there is a $100 fee for your professional clubfitting session and written set of personal specifications.